Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We bring you season’s greetings from the National Secretariat of the Association of Catholic Teachers (ACT).

The year 2019 has been a milestone in the life of ACT, since through your relentless efforts she was able to elect her first National Officers who have already hit the ground running.

ACT and its members are proving to be an integral part of the teaching profession and the activities of the Catholic Church and as we celebrate the Christmas and New Year let us endeavor to be a force to reckon with.
As a Faith-based Teacher Association, let us keep in mind that we are never in competition with any of the other teacher unions but, to simply live our faith in our profession. Hence, as others live to teach, we LIVE TO TEACH FOR THE SAKE OF CHRIST. This is what we are and we must live that fully.

As we celebrate the season, let us humbly reflect on the following:
Our Lifestyles: The excitements that come with celebrations can sometimes expose us to so many dangers. As a people of faith and role models we are admonished to soberly reflect on such acts that constitute risky lifestyle like drink-driving, drunkenness, possession of offensive weapons, keeping bad companies and so on.

Our Environment: Much as we pay attention to our bodies and souls as in what we wear, what we eat as well as the spiritual exercises we undertake during this season, may we endeavor to pay greater attention to our environment. The rate at which the environment is being degraded is alarming and as people of God, who know and understand that, God is with us and dwells in this same environment, must show the way. Simple acts like, picking up the plastics during our meetings to dispose them off properly, politely requesting people, even our children who mess up , to do the right thing among others will go a long way to positively impact our environmental cleanliness.

Our Calling: To some, teaching is a profession, yet to others it is a job. For us, teaching is OUR CALLING. All we do emanate from our hearts and from our relationship with God. Christ must be involved from start to finish for He is our model in this vocation.

The National Executive Committee on your behalf, met to plan for the year 2020. We chose for ourselves Jesus Christ, Word of God and Model for Teachers (the way, the Truth and the Life, (cf. John 14:6) as theme for the activities for the year 2020. We call on all to have a deeper reflection on this theme and keep it as a reminder throughout the year.

While wishing you the best of the season, remember to take active part in ACTs activities in your Community, Diocesan, Provincial and National levels come 2020. Take advantage of our professional and spiritual programs designed for your good.

May the peace of the New Born King reign in our hearts.

(Emmanuel Gazari) National Secretary


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