Catholic Schools Commenced the Celebration of the 2020 Catholic Education Week

Catholic Schools in Ghana have started the celebration of this year’s Catholic Education Week Celebration with series of activities .

One week long celebration aimed to provide platform for both the pupils and their teachers to meet to discuss and share views on contemporary issues pertaining to the holistic approach to  the development of pupils in Catholic Education.

The theme for the year 2020 was ‘Combating Corruption in Ghana -the role of Catholic Education ‘

Catholic education is to instill the fer of God, discipline ,selflessness and moral upright in character training of its pupils.

Schools were to organised programmes to campaign against corrupted practices which were getting rooted in the country .

Two schools shared how the week was celebrated with the and some of the pictures :

Pictures from Ejisu St. Anthony Catholic Basic Schools Pupils listening to a talk during this year’s Catholic Education Week Celebration
Ejisu St Anthony Catholic Basic Schools health Coordinator addressing pupils on personal hygiene
Photos from Ejisu were sent by:Mad Rosemary
Eikwe Catholic Primary school pupils in the Essima Deanery at Mass celebration for the launching of this year’s Catholic Education Week Celebration Photos sent by: Mr. Gershon Teku , ACT President for Essiama Deanery
Eikwe Catholic Primary School Pupils on route March to mark Catholic education week

Full comment sent to by Mr. Gershon Teku from Essima Deanery

‘The celebration of Catholic week is very dear to the heart of every Catholic school in the country and my school also took part in the celebration, on the first day we organised route march in the morning through the principal street in Eikwe town to Sanzule and ended it at Ngalekpole and returned back to school and continued the day’s activities in terms of academics work.

The following day we organised counseling session for our pupils, in fact teachers were actively involved in all the activities.


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