The organisers of the quiz competition for the Catholic Junior High Schools in the country and the National Catholic Secretariat Education Directorate have held press conference in Accra to brief the public about the quiz competition through the media.

Read the full text by the General Managere for Catholic schools in Ghana, Mrs Doris Ashun and in attendance was the episcopal chairman of education of the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference, Most Rev. John Bonaventure Kwofie and other Catholic educationists.

The National Catholic Secretariat Education Directorate in partnership with the Cocktail Media (a youth media NGO) introduced a practical based Science and Maths Quiz programme for Catholic Basic Schools in Ghana in September 2019 which was launched by the Episcopal Bishop in charge of Education in Ghana, Archbishop John Bonaventure Kwofie.

This programme has travelled the length and breadth of the entire nation during which it brought together 120 Catholic Basic Schools to compete for an opportunity to represent their respective regions at the national stage of the programme.

We are pleased today to introduce to the people of Ghana the twenty one (21) schools from across the various regions of Ghana who arrived in Accra yesterday to battle for national supremacy in the application of the knowledge of Science and Mathematics which form the basis of the technological advancement of any modern society.

As educators and innovators, we believer among many other things that practical science and mathematics should begin at the Basic School level and be nurtured to provide a solid foundation which can then be built upon at the Senior High School level, and finally be advanced at the tertiary level for national development.

The Brain Battle National Science and Mathematics Quiz for Catholic Basic Schools is a three round contest revolving around the content of Agricultural Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematic, with associated test on practical knowledge. Hence what makes this quiz most exciting and unique is the practical science components which includes a ‘HOT LAB’ Science practical question that requires contestants to use provided apparatus to investigate and explain a concept. This particular activity helps our children to develop problem solving skills and unique abilities to think ‘outside the box’. Additionally, a compulsory Coordinate Geometry exercise which is aimed at helping our children enhance their three dimensional analytical abilities, has been included in the Mathematics round to help develop the intellect of our children all the more.

The other half of this Science and Mathematics projects is a Science Fair dubbed ‘Future Scientists Fair’ which in this year, required each contesting school at the national level to set up a Science Project on any theme related to Renewable Energy. The Renewable Energy goal was set because of the world’s current search for alternative energy sources. We hope to use this project and others like it in future editions of this contest to stimulate indigenous solutions that will originate from the curious minds of our young ones. We are confident that by continual exposure of our children to such activities, their imaginations will be activated to think in the direction that will bring solutions to this continent.

The notion that running the contest with Catholic Basic Schools benefits only Catholics is an eraneous impression that must be addressed. One will be surprised to learn that over 50% of the children in the Catholic Schools from the basic level to the tertiary are non-catholics who value the known discipline and excellence associated with Catholic education. Hence this programme is already involving several non-Catholic children who are in Catholic Basic Schools, and by extension the entire nation is benefiting through the national broadcast of the content of this quiz.
However, since the Catholic institution remains a missionary one, this quiz will soon open its doors to non-Catholic Basic Schools to also register to contest.

It is our sincere hope and prayer that the exciting rounds of this contest coupled with the various prize packages made available through the benevolence of the Catholic Fraternity and supporting sponsors will go a long way to stir, sustain and advance the interest of our children in Science, Maths and Technology for national development.

Mrs. Doris Ashun
General Manager Of Catholic School In Ghana


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