The National Executive Committee and the entire membership of the Association of Catholic Teachers congratulate all workers on this special day of labour.
It is rather unfortunate that we have to celebrate this year’s day of labour in such trying times of a global pandemic known as COVID-19.

Labour Day is annually celebrated worldwide on the 1st of May to honour the hard work of labour and appreciate the tremendous efforts of the various professions in the world of which teaching is critical and plays an integral part of as the producer of all other professions. The fact still remains that no nation can flourish or even sustain herself without productive effort of labour. In this regard, companies and institutions should ensure that beyond the maximum output expected within the eight hours of labour, employees should not discriminated on the basis of race, creed, gender, disability etc and should be paid competitive wages or salaries.
The Ghanaian economy and industrial progress cannot be achieved without labour as this is required to run factories, construct roads and other infrastructure as well as the drilling of oil and many more. In the midst of these, we entreat on all labour to continue to be resilient and firm in their strides for the better livelihood of mankind.
We cease the opportunity to say we are most grateful to you our brothers and sisters in the essential services, as you battle with this pandemic day in and day out, especially those directly involved in the treatment, care and management of COVID – 19 patients. As teachers, we are grateful for the interventions so far by various stakeholders in positively engaging our learners using various media in the meantime until we formally resume school. We encourage you to do more to support our students to learn as they continue to stay home.

To our parents, we are grateful. We also urge you to step up your game to encourage and monitor your wards to study assiduously as they stay home. You have all made sacrifices and exceeded the call of duty.

We will appeal to all stakeholders, both private and government, including everyone that we should join hands in eradicating evil from our society and support people with low strata in the community to enable them live a meaningful life. We further echo the call on government to take a critical look at the pre-tertiary education bill once more before assent is given. The bill in its current form we believe will disrupt the synergy between teachers and the Ghana Education Service, which will negatively impact the educational sector. More so, the function of regional managers of mission and special Unit Schools should clearly be stated in the bill. Again, under the technical and vocational educational section, school governing board should be created as it has been done for secondary schools. We request for broader consultations and deliberations with teacher unions, mission and other stakeholders, so that when the bill is passed it would be accepted by all the key players in education.

We commend the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference for your endless efforts to improve the standard of education in the country as we also throw our weights behind you.
We say, AYEKOO to all labour especially teachers for we believe that we live to teach for the sake of Christ.

We thank the most High God for his protection and guidance. We pray that an appropriate vaccine is found for this virus ravaging our world. We urge all and sundry to stay safe and observe all the protocols aimed at fighting the pandemic.

Long Live ACT!!!
Long Live the Catholic Church!!!
Long Live Ghana!!!

Thank you.

(National President)

(National Secretary)

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