Armless man Ordained as Catholic Priest in Rwanda

Rwanda-There is jubilation, celebration and appreciation to God in town for a man who is armless and regardless of his disability, he chose the right path which is Service to God and humanity. As many in Rwanda in Eastern Africa, appreciate the Wonder of God especially Isabelle and Eric Vermeer.

Rev. Fr. Noe Eric is really trending on social media platforms as a newly ordained Catholic priest without hands. Many appreciated Roman Catholic Church and Christian community, as whole for this singular act of ordaining a man with the to worship and serve God.

His zeal to serve God started when he was three and half years old, after he was adopted by a very caring and loving family of Isabelle and Eric Vermeer, the couple who were from Bioul in Belgium. It was the family that nurtured and sponsored him into fulfilling his desired dreams and today, Noe Eric is a Catholic priest.

It was gathered that Rev. Fr. Noe Eric was created the way he is by God, as many says he’s an unusual human being, but when he became the Reverend father he has wanted to become, the story changed and many now worshiped and thanked God for choosing to serve him those whom human sees as unqualified.

He is now the servant of the most high God which he has ever dreamt of, and a priest, in priestly order of Melchizedek of old, through the help of the family that adopted and aided him towards his dream. Many have the calling but procrastinate has never allowed them to answer God’s call. But armless man has answered his call regardless his disability.


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