Reflection for the week : PRAYING THROUGH AND WITH SCRIPTURE (Ps 119:105)

Reflection for the week

(By Rev Fr Joseph Nyarko Asare of Obuasi Catholic Diocese)

Sunday 23rd – Sunday 30th, August, 2020

When you are fighting your enemy in darkness, the most effective weapon, the reliably undeniable need, is a light. This is so because we need to know the enemy plainly so as to hit at the target and significantly eliminate the unfortunate situation of wasting our weapons.

The stated Psalm tells us that the Word of the Lord is a light unto our feet and a lamp for our paths. Two lessons are directly discernable from this:

1) Jesus is the light of the earth since he is the Word who came to dwell among us and to liberate us from the powers of darkness. Without Jesus, no battle can be won. One cannot persist in sin and expect victories since that one is very prayerful and generous. Before you go for that all night, prayer session, counselling, or breakthrough, ask yourself whether you have the light (Jesus) needed to wage war in the darkness.

2) The Bible is the Word of the Lord. Since the Word is a light and the Bible contains the Word, I need to be a person of the Word (Bible) if I am to win my battles. I may be righteous, holy and innocent, but none of these is a justification for avoiding the study of and the praying with the Bible. Beyond being light the Word is sharper than two edged sword.

If I have the true light, Jesus, I will gradually discover that:

The devil does not wield all power

There is an already won victory in the cross

The enemy has no control beyond what I personally grant him over my life and that I can take back my freedom anytime in Jesus’ name.

The power of God now is as effective and potent as it was at creation and the time of the resurrection, etc.

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