Reflection for the week : A CALL TO BE SINCERE (Jer 38:4-10)

Reflection for the week :
By Rev Fr Joseph Nyarko Asare

(Catholic Diocese of Obuasi)

Sunday 30th August – 6th September, 2020

We cannot claim to be Christians if we are not ready to remain truthful, sincere, on fire, and upright in the radical sense. From our roots up, there must be the burning sensation in us to do good, damning the consequences.

We cannot follow the truth with a heart that easily compromises, that sacrifices truth on the altar of fear and intimidation, that looks on as evil persists, and a heart that is not burning with objectivity.

The calling is straightforward in today’s readings. We must be rid of every encumbrance, and especially of sin. We are to persevere in running the race marked out for us. This is where the problem lies: we want to serve God without tears, sweat or challenge. Let me give a gentle reminder: there is no short cut to heaven for the way remains Jesus (together with the readiness to follow him with the cross).

Tell tthe truth

Tolerance has no place in matters of objective reality. We do not tolerate lies in order to enjoy “false or hypocritical peace”. Jeremiah teaches us the path. He will die rather than change God’s word or message. What he did is as dangerous as a pastor going to a politician (like Pres Mahama and Nana Akoffo Addo or Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump) in the presence of party fanatics, in some few weeks before elections, to say, “My brother/sister, forget about the elections for God says you are going to lose and lose big”.

Jeremiah is thrown into the well for predicting defeat to an army about to launch an attack on an enemy territory. Truly, there was no need to give hope to a force about to be defeated (since God’s insight is perfectly correct). Present day pastors and ministers will give hope and motivation to those on the wrong path for fear of persecution.

We do not want to lose friendship with colleagues, family members and neighbours, so we offend God without considering the effects. That is how depraved we have become as believers in Jesus Christ. Let us allow the fire of Jesus to defreeze our lukewarm hearts and institutions.

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