Reflection for the week : EXPERIENCE SHOULD NOT BE OVERLOOKED ( 1 Samuel 3 :1-15)

By Rev Fr Joseph Nyarko Asare

(Obuasi Catholic Diocese)

Reflection for the week : 6th-13th September, 2020

If you are to go through life and have all the experiences of the fore-fathers all by yourself, instead of learning from their past to build a better future, I can bet that you are never going to break new grounds for yourself and others. You may even end up getting out of life without realizing how. In secondary school history, a common jargon we teased the non-History students with was, “Learn history and grow wise”.
It is said that new brooms sweep well but old brooms know every corner. A good, God fearing Samuel will have missed a great encounter with God if a sinful, indulging father but experienced Eli was not around. God calls the young Samuel and it is through the direction of Eli that young Samuel responds to the Divine call and receives beautiful assurances for the future and other messages.
We are mostly tempted to think that certificates, technological know-how, or resources makes us so independent from the older generations that we tolerate nothing they can offer us.

Respect oone who has done it before

The lecturer, a senior colleague at work, our parents, opinion leaders and bosses have gone through life and graduated from the school of experience.
Like Eli for Samuel, God has given them to us as models and guardians for a sweet future. They hold the light to the future that circumstances will not allow them to participate in. They are like the bridges which connect all to the city but they never have the opportunity to enter it at all. We must, humbly, draw near to the elderly for the rich experiences they have gone through.
May we respect the adults and experienced, be ready to learn from them, take interest in their little admonitions and learn from their mistakes. Like Samuel, we shall all be great for heeding to the voices of the various Eli’s of our life.

And, when we move up, remember to send a token of appreciation to those who helped you up.

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