Reflection for the week : REMAINING A SON/DAUGHTER

Reflection for the week : 20th – 27th September, 2020
Reference text: 1 Samuel 9:1-10

By Rev Fr Joseph Nyarko Asare of Obuasi Catholic Diocese

Kish had his donkeys missing and he sent the most handsome man in Israel, his son Saul to go in search of the strayed beasts with a servant. After a frantic search that yielded no positive signs of finding the donkeys, Samuel decided to get back home. Saul, however listened to the counsel of the servant to go to the prophet. This simple obedient of a handsome son to a servant was to change Saul’s life and destiny forever.

The position and status of life do not necessarily reflect ones level of intelligence and wisdom. There is always an opportunity to learn from others, especially subordinates, children and the depraved. Each individual you meet, slave or free, is God’s image and likeness endowed with glory and honour and capable of causing a great impact in your life.

See God in each person you meet

The fourth commandment is always valid, no matter how great and powerful you become. Servants could have been tasked to go in search of strayed monkeys, but Kish preferred to send the son Saul and the son respectively obeyed. Our parents deserve our honour and respect irrespective of the way they live or think. There is great blessings in honouring your parents.

It is amazing how Saul seriously took the father’s mission and how he frantically and selflessly embarked on it. God, our Father, has given each one a task to accomplish with his/her life and in the society in which one live. How seriously do we take God’s commands and instructions?

May Saul’s behaviour and its effect instruct us. Let us learn to obey God and all legitimate authority; let us make God our all in all and it shall be well with us.

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