Ezk 18:25-28/Ps 25:4-5, 6-7, 8-9/Phil 2:1-11/Mat 21:28-32
(Rev Fr Isaac Kofi Amponsah-Boateng, CSSp; Director, Holy Ghost Schools-Makueni, Sultan Hamud, Machakos Diocese)

It is generally believed in positive psychology that attitude is the only word that gives the value of 100 percentage if we code the letters with figures. Therefore our attitude towards, people, places, things defines our relationship with them as to whether we will relate well with them or not. So to say, having negative or positive attitude defines our destination; the kind of association we will have. In the 1st Reading, Prophet Ezekiel tells us about the negative attitude that the Israelites had towards God’s judgement.

They found themselves in Babylon after the destruction of Jerusalem. They believed that God was punishing them due to the sins of their fathers, therefore God had been unjust to them. The prophet reminded them that each one pays for the price of his/her deeds; so their deportation was due to their own sins, and not as a result of the sins of their forefathers.

They needed to have attitude of repentance so as to move them back to their own soil. He says “when the wicked man turns away from the wickedness…he shall surely live” (Ezk 18:27-28). Most times, we blame people for our unfortunate situations and misfortunes, and turn to have negative attitude towards them.

The 2nd Reading invites us to have a good attitude like Christ who despite being God, in all humility accepted all forms of humiliation for our sake to die. God therefore exalted him.

In the Gospel, Jesus gives a practical example about how our attitude influences our destination. The first son responded ‘no’ but changed his attitude and went to do the father’s will while the second son who responded ‘yes’ did not do the will of the fathers. Action, they say, speaks louder than words. When tax collectors and sinners changed their attitudes, they found themselves in the Lord’s place while the Jews who thought the Kingdom was theirs but did change their attitudes were shut off.

What is your attitude towards people, things and places you come across? May we purify our attitudes towards doing God’s will in His vineyard wherever we are.

~•That we may develop positive mindset towards God and creation
~•That our children may find solace in God
~•That all the sick may accept sickness as sharing the suffering of the Lord, especially those affected by covid 19.
Lord hear us


  • September 27, 2020 at 2:44 pm

    Thank you for this great message; may the Lord strengthen you to keep reminding us to be of good attitude towards the Lord God.


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