Reflection for the week : EMBRACING THE ORIGINAL PLAN

Reflection for the week by

Rev Fr Joseph Nyarko Asare of Obuasi Catholic Diocese

God created Adam alone and he was intended to be alone with God. A helper was given him because he couldn’t handle relationship with God alone. God’s original intention does not include associating with friends and family. He expects a walk alone with him.

What we have not realized is that we easily sin when we get too excited about enjoying friends at the expense of enjoying God. Hmmmmm, at Genesis 3, Adam and Eve couldn’t realize the presence of God because they were too concerned with their companionship above the original relationship with God.

God is never jealous when we ignore Him. The danger is that we end up in nakedness and create disaster for ourselves. Thankfully, God mostly give us plan “B” but that includes sweating and pain on our part.
Be positive if you are now moving with the plan B for God will make you prosper again and permit a future access to the original plan. Enjoy family and friends but never do so at the expense of God. You were originally made for God, others came in because we failed to make God our biggest companion.

Don’t be afraid to create an intimate connection with God.

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