25TH OCTOBER, 2020.
Ex 22:21-27/Ps 18:2-3a, 3bc-4, 47&51/1Thes 1:5c-10/Mat 22:34-40
(Rev Fr Isaac Kofi Amponsah-Boateng, CSSp; Director, Holy Ghost Schools-Makueni, Sultan Hamud, Machakos Diocese)

The Akan proverb goes literally that, “it is God who scratches the body of an animal without tail.” God really protects and defends the weak creatures. Among such category are the 3 groups mentioned in the 1st Reading; strangers, widows and the orphans. In ancient times, there were no embassies to protect the citizens of a particular country living in another countries. Such people were therefore subjected to severe tortures, maltreatment and injustices. On their part, orphans and widows were considered as rags that anyone could use the way they wanted. The 1st Reading is about the legislation which was passed to forbid Israelites to do injustices to the strangers, widows and orphans; “You shall not wrong a stranger or oppress him…shall not inflict any widow or orphan.” We are no different from the Israelites; we commit injustices to people of other nations, tribes or religion. Do we not give preferential treatments in jobs, schools, and even in the church? People in position tend to surround themselves with only people of the tribes or families and friends, despising other people. Sadly, some people take advantage of others who are need of jobs, those who have little or less education to the extent of exchanging their security of jobs with bribes and sexual gains. All these are injustices to the weak of our time. To overcome these, we need to love God above all else and our neighbours as ourselves as Jesus summaries the Decalogue into two. This is the only way to go; that, the love of God be extended to all people without discrimination of any sort. In the 2nd Reading, Paul recommends that Christian communities must keep in touch, know one another, exchange news and live in unity. Paul commends the Thessalonians for expressing the faith they have received in their way of life. Can we also be imitators? Unfortunately, selfishness is killing this world. Selfishness is like trying to fill a sack riddled with countless holes. And selfish people are never happy because they are never satisfied. The remedy is love of God and love of neighbour.

~•For the grace to overcome all forms of selfishness
~•That we may be instruments of compassion and love to all people
~•For change of mind and heart for all who are taking advantage of people in need, especially during this time of covid 19.
Lord hear us

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