15TH NOVEMBER, 2020.
Prv 31:10-13, 19-20, 30-31/Ps 128:1-2, 3, 4-5/1Thes 5:1-6/Mat 25:14-30
(Rev Fr Isaac Kofi Amponsah-Boateng, CSSp; Director, Holy Ghost Schools-Makueni, Sultan Hamud, Machakos Diocese)

A seminarian was once dismissed and he confronted the Rector saying, “I haven not done anything and you have dismissed me; this is not fair!” The Rector replied him that, “It is because you have not done anything that is why I have dismissed you because in this seminary one has to do something.” Mahatma Gandhi once said, “It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one’s acts.”

Today’s Gospel teaches us that insofar as we are not masters or owners but trustees or caretakers, we are responsible for giving accounts on every gifts or talents received from the master. The master entrusted with the servants different gifts or talents in proportion to their abilities. Each accounted responsibly.

However, the one who received one talent wanted to play a smart game on the master but it backfired and was condemned. The lesson to be drawn are many; first, every Christian must take it as a responsibility to help make the community grow, develop and bring transformation in the world. Secondly, our gifts are diverse and different according to each one’s ability; no need to compare our gifts or feel jealous about the gifts others have that you do not have. All that is required is to make industrious use of the gifts received and not to look down upon other people’s gifts.

The 1st Reading gives us an example of a very industrious woman — how precious she is. Such a person, the writer says, keeps peace, serenity and harmony in his home; she has great and generous heart in using her gifts. Such a person is also very religious and keeps the commandments of God.

The first of all the gifts is to live the Gospel message wherever we are, and not allow the wordly pleasures and pressures allure or overcome us and shield our talents.

In doing so, St Paul tells us in the 2nd Reading that we must be vigilant and sober at all times so as to avoid being overtaken by evil. Each Christian must be a symbol of light and day, and must shun away from all things of darkness.

~•To have reverential fear of God and have wisdom in utilising our gifts
~•That our world may preserve, protect and promote life and dignity of all
~•That our faithful departed may see the perpetual light of God, especially those who have succumbed to covid 19.
Lord hear us

It is my desire to pray for you always; be assured!!!

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