Executive Levels

The association has executive council at various levels from National to parishes/communities and is tasked to be the governing body responsible for the day to day running of the association. The council seeks to safeguard the well-being and the realization of the interests of its members through the implementation of the aims and objects of the association as well as been the custodians of the properties of the association in addition to maintaining them.

The organizational structure of ACT is designed to have the following levels:

  1. National Level Executives
  2. Provincial Level Executives
  3. Archdiocesan / Diocesan Level Executives
  4. Community Coordinators

At the National level, ACT comprises the following:

  1. National Executive Committee (NEC)
  2. National Council (NACO)
  3. National Conference (NACOF)

At the Provincial level, ACT comprises of:

  1. Provincial Executive Committee (PEC)
  2. Provincial Council (PROCO)
  3. Provincial Conference (PROCOF)

The Archdiocesan/Diocesan structure is as follows:

  1. Archdiocesan / Diocesan Executive Committee (DEC)
  2. Diocesan Council (DICO)
  3. Diocesan Conference (DICOF)

Act at the community level is is structured as follows:

  1. Executive Committee (ECO)
  2. Confirmed Members (CoMe)